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Rafiki On Skype, Make a date, Chat and Talk

Dear Rafiki

A belated message of goodwill in 2010.

It is my hope that you are all doing fine and continue to share rafiki moments wth compassion.

2010 is here and indeed the Rafiki club Family has grown. We have seen new members joining this wonderful club. The Successes of Rafiki being featured on BBC and the increase of number of women learning literacy through letter writing.

Our Rafiki club has also faced challenges such as lack of replies from either side of the rafiki communication strand. these challenges have been influenced by amongst others, lack of finances for postage, etc

we have therefore decided to start a Rafiki skype Date. We aim to use skype to alllow all Rafiki Pairs to connect via the internet and chat as well as talk. Project africa has provided Rafiki clubs in Kenya with internet. Our station in Lungalunga for instance received a volunteer from Sweden who will help international rafiki with friends in Lungalunga to book a date when you can speak to your Rafiki through skype. We believe that this effort will build cohesion amongst us and help women rural kenya build confidence in reading and speaking English

We have also Introduced emailing services. The Rafiki in Kenya will soon share their email addresses with all rafiki for ease in communication. However, The rafiki in Kenya will continue to handwrite their letters which will then be scanned and sent to international Rafiki.

This second development will help counter the challenge of paying postal fees. We however will continue to encourage snail mail as a key point of communication in the rafiki Clubs for literacy purposes.

We welcome your thoughts about this new development and request that you share with your rafiki your skype ID and days when you can possibly be online so that we can initiate a chat or talk through skype

We wish you all the very best



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