Reaping The Benefits

I am so thankful right now. I feel like crying. You know, when I first started my journey of self development, I didn't realize how rewarding it would be. I am so blessed to be where I am right now emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and I am so excited to share all that I have learned..

For a long time, I have been studying nature. Not through schools or universities, but just through observation and by doing this, I came to a greater understand of self. At one time in my life, people use to be able to control me emotionally. I use to be taken advantage of. People use to play on my compassion. I cried out to the Spirit of Wisdom and She heard me! She actually heard me and has been with me ever since, teaching me how to be. I was one of those people that would say whatever was on my mind. Grandmother Wisdom taught me to speak with wise honesty. Speaking with wise honesty has taught me how to be humble and less emotionally reactive.

I use to get upset easily about things. I had no patience. I would fly off the handle at sexist men even. Giving them emotional power over me. There was a lot of things that I did, but I had to learn quickly. You see, I was a teenage mom, like most women. Yet, being a mother didn't slow down life and no one waited for me to grow up or to learn how to get things right.

When the time came for me to focus on greater things, I did just that. I became familiar with the benefits of prayer, meditation, exercise, natural living, energy medicine, holistic health and put it into practice and began living a much more healthier lifestyle. It's been a lot of years since that journey and I am here to say that the greatest reward is peace of mind, being able to feel Divine Love with animates everything, being able to connect and stay grounded when I connect with others.. It is so beautiful and so worth it.

I created a group called the Art of Transmutation and I will be sharing some techniques and things in this group. I'm like a little girl in a candy store.. I see so much that I almost don't know where to start.

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