Redefine yourself you are worth more!!

There's little compassion and kindness in a man who's obsessed about his appearance. The dude who's overly concerned about looking sharp round the clock. You know, the kind who likes to think he's God's gift to women. The charmer, the one who treats the woman like she should be grateful he's dating someone like her.

Sharing is alien language to this kind of man. It's him first and everything else next. His needs come first, he considers his own comfort first. It's his reality. He just believes he's in this world to be spoiled by the female folk.

These men carefully choose their victims, they prey on the emotionally weak women. They want to be her Adonis so they find hardworking women with little or no self esteem. The ones who go crazy that a fine ass guy is giving them attention so they go the extra mile to keep him.

A woman who gets with a man like this is miserable more times than she's happy. The emotional manipulation is so much so that she lives her life to keep him happy. She literally expends her resources to achieve this. She stops existing for herself and pleasing her selfish man takes centre stage.

No hardworking woman deserves a man like this, you don't get a self esteem boost by being with a show stopper of a man. No sister. You get it by telling yourself and believing it too, that you're all that and a bag of chips. It's in knowing and believing you're enough. Lastly, it's all in the way he treats you.

If he treats you like shit, you're going to keep feeling like shit even though you both looked like the power couple in your pre-wedding photos.
If he treats you like his queen, you'll truly feel on top of the world, there's no pretending about it. You don't have to keep up appearances to throw your friends off. If your joy is genuine and full, it radiates.

Here's to 2018 and hoping women make better choices. I'm sick of these charlatans deceiving strong and hardworking women. Let's curve these weevils in the new year and beyond.


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