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Reflections on my second module

What happens when you become a widow? You lose someone you loved. But what is even more devastating to know that now society makes you feel that you are NOT enough without your husband. You are blamed, shamed ,kicked, cursed and killed for being a widow.

Even today in India, widows are ostracized by society. They rarely re-marry. Must not wear jewelry. Many are forced to shave their heads and typically wear white ( the color of mourning). Even their shadows are considered bad luck. As if losing their husbands were not enough, they are now shunned and stripped of the life they lived once they were married. Their life becomes a Tale of double misfortunes.

Below I am attaching a link to a moving video on the plight of Indian widows at Vrindavan, which is also known as the "city of widows".

I always knew widows had a difficult life to lead here. I had seen it at my home but through this second module, I was reminded that their heartbreaking plight is still far from over. I strongly feel that more than charity and empty pity, inclusion and compassion towards them is what is required to make them feel a part of our society. Widowhood is considered more of a "women's issue" rather than a social issue. The day we accept that widows are humans first and embrace them as part of us, will be the day they would feel they are not alone anymore.

Here is the link to my second module titled : Widows Of India: A Tale Of Double Misfortunes

Hope you read it. A BIG thank you to my fabulous mentors Lynne Healy and Katya Andrusz. Their immense support helped me in completing my assignment and they taught me so much more, beyond any words could express.

A BIG thank you to all other mentors and staff of WP. Your friendship and unyielding care means a lot to us.

Love to all,

South and Central Asia
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