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Remind yourself : You are a Human, a living soul, a flame of life

In the fast pace of life , we have forgotten to breathe and pause for a while.To standstill and appreciate the music nature or notice our own breath ,the minute rhythmic beats of our hidden heart and appreciate the gift of being birthed.

Isn't life precious and mystic enough to let it go so easily without doing any introspection? Violence, Hatred, Gender Abuse, Harassment, Exploitation,Crime,Killings, Wars, Conflicts, Suppression..Oh ! Wait, Pause ! Hold your breath.

Remind yourself you are a HUMAN . A LIVING SOUL. A FLAME OF LIFE,


Oh! Who has the patience to hear the lilting tunes of a lone nightingale

Or whether of the solitary brook moving past the stationary rocks

Who has the dearth to glimpse the fresco etched in love on walls

Of that echoing alley from history

Or relish the beauty of words dancing up and down from the stars to the depth of


Those which exuberate senses and bring nostalgic reminiscences

Or which tirelessly disseminate fragrance into our breath as our lips fumble and utter

The beautiful juxtaposition…

So who has the patience to absorb the drops the nectar showered every moonlit night

Onto the surface of earth and our dead structure

Or to watch a new sprightly leaf flutter with gust of air

How often the walls of a temple and cross of synagogue grieved

with the kabbalistic stone and the water from zam zam

voiced have the millions through their lives

the value of acceptance and surrender…

yet deafened they live pulling shrouds of limited perception

where dangles the rusted lock in apprehension

lost is the key and lost is the urge to search for freeing self

from confined kingdoms

Who will have the patience to see the radiance of the new morn

Impregnated with richness of life and nature?

  • Economic Power
  • Environment
  • Gender-based Violence
  • Education
    • South and Central Asia
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