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Restrictions for Women in Africa by Enie Doh Cecile

This is a comment I made to Enie from Africa. Please read Enie's article on restrictions for women in Africa. It is astoundingly teaching us we should not be calm.

Dear Enie: Hello from Bolivia, South America. Even though I live in a very poor country (the second poorest in America), I have never heard of such restrictions for women in my homeland or elsewhere in America. Women here have a different kind of restrictions, much less harmful to the basic existence, but equally harmful psychologycally speaking.

Bolivia is the home of brave, hard working women who in most cases take over the daily task of bringing food to the table. About 85% of households are supported by women who work in low salary jobs at around 90%. Cultural restrictions work here in the sense of not letting women earn as much as men for the same tasks. Another cultural restriction comes in form of sexual discrimination, as men are considered 'manly' when they have more than one partner, but women who do that are considerede whores.

So, to me, it is surprinsing to hear that in Africa women are not allowed to eat some kind of meat, for instance. I think that is soooo unfair, soooo inhumane, sooooo outrageous and unbearable, that if I lived in your country, I would surely be the first to shout out loud every day in the streets, taking my protest to any kind of limit, and I would not mind to be killed by men. Better dead than treated worse than an animal.

I understand women in Africa are also brave and hard working. I understand also that they bring food to the tables. So, dear, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??????? You, dear, being physically present in the territory, are the ones called to STOP THIS NONSENSE.

Don´t relax. You have a lot of work to do. Remember that she who closes her ayes to the reality of girls and women, is also implicitly giving her permission to men that do this. Don't be an associate to this incredible amount of madness.

Latin America and the Caribbean
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