Rising above Rape and Abuse

She had heard about me, so she decided to call.

That was the first time I heard her voice. I didn't know this was going to be the beginning of the most transforming experience of my life. Her name was Elodine.

Her story.

Elodine is the only girl in a family of 4. Her dad, as I will come to know is a carpenter. The mother has been a patient for the longest time possible. This means all the little earnings her dad made, went to purchase drugs for the mother's upkeep. None of her other siblings are working yet, hence the whole family depends on the little cash dad gets.

I decided to meet Elodine because  unlike other people who always want financial help from me, she just wanted to meet me so I can mentor her. She is so passionate about life, loves school and wants to make something of herself despite all these family challenges. 

Fast Forward to 3months. We met up somewhere in the village where she grew up, and after a brief chat, I head back to town. We keep in touch.

Then the worst happened, Her mum's situation aggravates and she has to stay in the hospital for over 3months, The whole village has to be evacuated because the military has taken over, shooting and killing everyone that stays back. Elodine is forced to drop out of school, abandon her poor mom at the hospital and move to town to try to make some money for her mothers hospital bills.

Now she lives with her young aunt. Every night, she is sexually abused by her aunts boyfriend. When she tried to tell her aunt about it, her aunt threatened to kick her out of the house.

We have decided to empower Elo. She will be going back to school this academic year. She will also learn basic computer skills. She will become the best journalist in Cameroon. She intends to speak out about what she has been through. She wants to encourage the next girl, never to compromise but stay focused on her dreams in life.

This is just one of our girls, 'Wulwi Initiative' is changing lives, one girl at a time.


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