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Sanitary towel is a necessity!

A few months ago a friend of mine who belongs to a group with a noble idea of rebuilding rural schools invited me to a fundsdrive to his former primary school.Normally in a fundsdrive you are expected to take money.I thought of something different.Everyone was going to bring money,I wanted something special,something simple but that would touch those that received it.
On the material day as people we donating cash and books as well i presented my donation.A years supply of sanitary towels for the girls that i had bought at subsidised price thanks to heart foundation.The response i got was overwhelming...that is when i realised how much i had touched not only the girls in the school but the community at large.I managed to talk to a few girls,their teachers and parents and their stories about what they go through because of lack of sanitary towel was heart wrenching
You see,menstrual cycle is what actually defines a woman.When such young girls reach puberty and they start receiving their monthly periods its a confusing moment for them especially if they do not receive guidance about it.Sanitary towels are expensive to the low income earners.In kenya a packet would go for slightly less than 1usd with a higher population living within 1usd a day then such a necessity becomes a luxury.
The producers of the towels go to schools and provide them with free samples at times,but as we know free samples are a marketing strategy,so thy would only target a market that can afford to buy.Over the past few months i have endevoured to provide the disadvantaged girls in the most remote places in Kenya with this because i want them to appreciate being a woman and know that biology should not stop them from going to school,playing with the other kids at school during that period etc....
It is my prayer that i will have enough strength and goodwill support to help such girls and women.

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