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Save out of Experience, Speak out

Hello sisters

I am happy for this moment that I can share my story and reason why I weep whenever I read or meet Children that have been sexually abused. As a child I experienced sexual violence from three different men. I was just 3 years old, living with my stepmom whom I was so afraid of. My Dad was always out for work sometimes for over a month before returning home. Our neighbors son who was about 14 years will always invite to join him in the bathroom where he will insert his fingers into my vagina. I was so ignorant that time and didn't understand anything. Then we moved from that area to a new site. I was 6years and one of neighbors of about 30years who was even married will call me out at night in the backyard and ask me to touch his penis while he raped me with his finger. It happened several time and It was so painful. I couldn't explain to my stepmom out of fear she will beat me. When my father finished building our own house we moved in and we also had tenants both male and female. The male tenant was so close to everyone at home and my parents trusted him but whenever my parents went out, he will call me into his room and start squeezing my breast and sending his tongue in my mouth and more. I started having that feeling that it was something wrong when he will buy me sweets and biscuits and warn me not to tell anyone about it. Sometimes when the pain was too much I will pretend to walk well around the house so that no one will understand.

Dear sisters, mothers and Parents love every child like your own so that when they experience a situation like mine, it will easier for them to speak out. My Dad was a Police man that time and if I had explained all these to him, the perpetuators would have been brought to book. Two of these men that did that me are alive and free just because I was afraid to speak out

 Let's educate our children about sexual abuse and harasement and my advice for this fight against GBV is that we focus more on educating the perpetuators(men and boys)

Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
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Human Rights
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