You are your own seamstress. Your life is in your hands so make the best out of it. Do not make yourself a carbon copy of anyone, with the tools you have in you, fashion yourself in the best fit good for you.

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Ladies are treasurable because our smile keeps the world lighted

Kelly had good looks.

Forever, not a day in her life. In fact, by

By most standards, she was beautiful. However, she has a tendency to hold herself to the world's standards. Despite the harshness and difficulty of these norms, she was prepared to give in.



How did this start with Kelly? You might wish to ask


Kelly's problem began when she was 12; it became more intense when she began to see herself as inferior to her friends. She felt she was not as beautiful as them, which is why she isn't getting social attention.


One day, from a very intelligent and class-leading girl, she became a fashion- and beauty-obsessed girl dying for men's attention.


She decided to change her look like those she saw in magazines, revealing her boobs and half body in order to get guys, make friendships, and solve her social issues.


Seamstress on Rags!


Who then is a seamstress? And how does this relate to Kelly's life, you might ask?


A seamstress is a person whose work revolves around sewing clothes using someone else's design or their own. While some seamstresses might specialize in certain kinds of clothing, many can sew a wide range of apparel, including reproductions of specific items.


creating! Yes, seamstresses make dresses to make you look beautiful and well-covered.

They ensure the cloth has the proper fit. not below or above size.


Then another question: how can a seamstress, one who makes dresses, be on rag?


She could actually make a dress for herself to look good, right?

Seamstress can be on rag because she forgot she is a seamstress; she loses her identity.


Just like every other lady, so is Kelly. She is a good-looking lady, but she is never satisfied. She needs attention, like every one of her friends. She wants guys oozing around her like them.


She is a seamstress without identity; she forgot to make her life to her own best not to satisfy or be a carbon copy of another person.


She forgot she is a seamstress who is to design herself and the world around her so that people can watch and emulate her, but rather, she chose to be on rags, choosing the wrong magazine over her rightfully drafted life. just because she wants to solve her social issues and get men running around her.


and sure, she will get them!

She will get them to come into her pants and later dump her for a better seamstress who never forgets she is a woman of value, a seamstress who makes herself into the best fit purposed for her.


She will get them to pass her around like a toy and later make her a laughing stock because they don't know God; they believe they are having fun, and by the time they get to know it's wrong, all she has to accept is an apology.


Hello! Ladies, the life of Kelly is not just a story, but a lesson.


Your life is not just a wave that passes away; it's a plant that is placed in the right soil and watered to germinate and make fruits to enrich the world.


You are your own seamstress; you have your life in your hands. You can make yourself into the best apparel fit for you. You have the right tools inside of you and the right people around you to put you through.


Make sure you do not lay hold of the wrong tools, because people who are recognized as seamstresses are those who make, create, and reproduce dresses, and they are never seen on rags; rather, they make good dresses for themselves.


Dear! Lady, you are a seamstress, so determine how fitted you want to be made. Don't undersize or oversize, but keep fit and be a good copy of yourself.


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