self love is learning and taking action

I am Jenine Gail Schwulst reiki ,charkra and eft tft practioner

Healing is everything within

What more would I want in life, To talk to others ,To help and to be a listener , a helper of guidelines to working through situations and of life battles .I had taken on home care giving when I had just left high school, I had switched career paths from been a education pre primary teacher to owner along with nursing and talking to others with energy healing I always walked a road with God trusting and knowing that I was always protected I had my journey of a warrior my heart mission is to help other woman children and of all gender who has been tragically traumatized and needed care and extra support .I had a open mind as growing up and along with having to grow up at a very young age , I grew up with the solidarity of been charismatic and clairsentience and clairvoyance, I had many great moments growing up , I loved art painting and been out side and adventurous as a young girl I was molested at a very young age of 5 years this caused great chaos along with my family ,Along with a verbal emotional abuser as a uncle. I was rapped by two men along with been kidnapped for two days when I was fourteen years old ,Forcing me to leave high school earlier than my peers. Without the qualifications needed from high school ,I have managed to educate myself and push through my learning yo achieve , Over the years I drifted into relationships where I have encounter a history of domestic violence emotional abuse ,financial abuse,and physical abuse .along with self harm,numerous suicide attempts , a divorce and a history with abortion and the worse the depression and mental health these all where ,my passed battles ,it wasn't until i had my almost fatal suicide attempt in two thousand and nineteen which resulted in a comma , I came with a very close encounter of my life and knew this is my mission to work for God to speak and help others the way I taught myself the way i used reiki and energy healing to help over come my battles and inner healing to allowing me to show new ways of thinking and of how I used a special method , prayer and faith lead me.I watched over the years how it worked for me,I have seen others benefit from my work, now it is my mission to help I on speak on mental health, over coming depression abuse and help others as much as I can with holistic healing . I have taken my knowledge to increasing methods of ways we can heal our self's and rewire our nervousness system we are able and capable to claiming back our health and land rights and transformation .

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