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sex aka. love A good place to start

The great role models and wise people in my life have usually been woman . So trying to help men understand the situation of women as I have is something I have tried to do since very young . I can really only have understandings not definitive knowledge of course , I am a man after all . I have as I alluded to seen violence first hand many times , in many ways to woman and girls in my life and been subjected to it myself . People I love having to deal with many levels of cultured systematic dominance and violence because of being woman or against violence and intimidation to woman .
There is a real monster obstacle for people today another deep negative confusion for many and that is sex aka. love. Sex seems to drive so much , I know this personally being attracted to women as men generally are and visa versa and on that note to each other which is or should be just as natural when love or at least respect are involved .
The use of sex however is not usually a positive thing in our world . There’s child brides , forced marriages , sexual slavery and of course porn the pervasive sex mind that is being transmitted and purchased in our high speed world . This is probably the biggest problem for woman and men balance I feel . This is a tough one though because sexuality and it’s confusions are so ingrain by negative stereotypes and roles we play , men and women alike . I think this is one place men can make a real difference , objectifying woman as a conversation point is a place I usually start most of my conversations with men about the situations I understand women to be in etc . When bringing this up with men though we should be very skilled because it is so ingrained . Here is a statistic you will find motivating and an article & interview .

  • 500,000 girls and young women a year are abducted for sex slavery , horribly abused , tortured Yearly and the numbers are rising .

A first hand account of an abducted girl ;


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