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Shaping the Voice of the Voiceless.

It’s a complex world and with the evolution of time, the tangles are becoming more and more complicated. I may not have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I was fortunate to have been given a chance to explore the world of education. I may have been informed about the basics of my sexuality at adolescence but I worked and lived with many girls and women who do not as much as master their menstrual cycle. The female lot is blessed with intuition, warmth, intelligence, an ability to lead and change the world beyond imagination yet these skills and talents are stifled for reasons best known to traditional believes and customs.
My personal vision is to be the voice of the voiceless. I want to be able to speak, write, publish and blog for the many voiceless girls and women whose stories call for action to encourage the braveness and strangle the pain. I want to connect, learn, and share with other women what it takes to better empower myself and empower other women through the skills, knowledge and experiences I have acquired. I see myself as being able to source for opportunities for other women, that they too may have joy and fulfillment of being valued beyond the kitchen steps. For my community and the world, I hope that someday, all women folk would be able to read and write, make major decisions for themselves and know the basics of most issues.
Being a Voices of Our Correspondent is an open commitment to speak for the voiceless women, that their voices through mine may get to negotiation tables and one day we would have places at those decision making tables too. What better way is there to be valued outside the kitchen!
As a VOF correspondent, I would get a unique opportunity to have a mentor who would harness my ‘power from within’, give me a listening ear, hone my voice and support me all the way on my journey to leading sustainable change first in my life, then in the lives of the grassroots women I speak for. I strongly belief the mentee experience would transform me and transform the world.
The opportunity to have a personal vision mentor is one which aside from World Pulse VOF fellowship would be difficult to find. Therefore participation in this program would mean the reshaping of my personal vision which would intend be more effective for my community and the world.
The VOF correspondent experience would help me connect and learn from other correspondents, mentors and the world pulse community at large. This connecting and sharing I see as a good resource from which I could tap opportunities that would pull so many girls and women from their traditionally ordained offices and revalue them fully.
VOF would help me more fully utilize the tools of web 2.0 for the interest of grassroots women.
All in all, this training would help me train other girls and women in the groups with whom I work, it would help me change the story of many girls positively and thereby transform the world!

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