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i have never had that thought that one day i would share my story to the world but i guess by taking it out i might encourage a young soul out there, a mother, father, brother and sister somewhere.

i come from a family of six both parents alive and i have two sisters and one brother.My father who is a farmer used to work somewhere in Kenya and later in 2014 he was retrenched and my mother by then was a house wife.My elder sister was in Secondary school her final year 2014, i was supposed to join Secondary school the next year 2015,my younger brother was still in Primary school and my other sister was already married.I remember life had already become difficult for us as a family we had bills to pay , loans to pay even paying fees become a problem i remember things become much harder the next year that was in 2015 when i was supposed to join secondary school and there was no money to pay for my entrance fee, we had no money to books and my uniform lucky enough someone who was and is still our family friend came out and bought me my school uniform and books and i was so grateful to God and her and i am still so so grateful for the kind gesture that she showed me.I a times remember that day or that time and i surely tell myself that God is indeed so amazing and he comes at the right the only problem that had remained was my entrance fee that was all that matter at that time and one of my father's friend then advised us to have a fund drive for my fees and by the Grace of God i got assists from friends and family and i joined Secondary school though again here i am i have joined but remember i have to be in that school for four years and the question that kept on coming in my mind was how will you pay your fees every term and i kept telling God \"God i know i and my family we don't have but i know you will provide\" and sure i saw the hand of God though its was difficult but God made it possible through out ,I remember that was when my mother started vending Ice cream by then we used to sell two shillings each and she used to struggle to sell at least at the end she goes home with five hundred shillings which was not guaranteed that she would sell that much it would depend with the weather if it's cold or rainy she was not in a position to sell anything  and from this five hundred shillings she is supposed to save up at least one hundred per day so that come Monday i have five hundred bob that i can go pay at school and also from the remaining money she use for food and other things which was still was not enough a times we would go without food but we all as a family understood our situation and we had patience in life.I thank God for my parents especially my mum she stood for us untill now as a great woman and mostly as dependable mother, I can say my mum has that strength of a woman untill today she did odd jobs for us to put food on the table, she struggled everyday for us, she left what she loved most for us.I believe we should always celebrate our mothers everyday, i sometimes tell myself it today my mother may not be around where would i be or what would i have become and if today. I have seen so many families who have lost their mother that family immediately starts to fall apart, things now are not the way they used to be , children even start choosing the wrong path.I celebrate my mother.

So we struggled until i finished my Secondary school now going to college become another problem i stayed home not joining college for about four years since my elder sister was still in college and i remember for her fees we had rented another house to one of her college tutors of which that tutor would not pay us the rent but instead he used to pay that money directly to my sister's school fees account at school.i looked for part time jobs which later assisted to save some money which i used to earn then i joined college in 2013 mid and of course with my parents support i finished my college Diploma in 2017 though i deffered some semesters and even took more years than expected due schools fee problem but i finally made it.

i was supposed to join University in May, 2020 but due to the pandemic i was not able and also i had planned for a fundraising to assist me in paying for my University fees  in April, 2020 but the pandemic stalled everything my four years university fees will costs me a total of 240,000.00 Kenyan Shillings i know we do not have such kind of money as a family but i still believe the God who saw my situation before during the past years he is the same God who will see me through in my now situation, how i will join the University i do not know but i have faith i will surely join.I have tried looking for Sponsors but in vain if anyone can sponsor a University student please contact me or if you know any one who is in a position to sponsor please.

I believe trusting in God and yourself can take you far  and also if your family can support you to achieve your goals no need to worry.Your situation or whatever you are going through is not permanent for me i can say though am still struggling but at least am a bit at better place not as before but through patience i am where i am right now, you do not need to do illegal or choose the wrong path for you to achieve your goal to have things that you desire, girls especially you do not need to sell yourbody for you to be given money for your up keep or even have relationships with older married men who you believe will support you,this men have their families just take time and think about your life for ones love yourself and by loving yourself is by taking care of your youth life to save for for your future and that of the beautiful family you can have in future.Do not allow the past destroy your future later and do not allow your present situation make bad choices for you instead insist on the positive choices, it can take long but the wait will be worth it.

Thank you for reading my story i hope this encourages someone.

God Bless us all.

Girl Power
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