Single mom needs help together with her kids

Some of the kids in the house, but my kids are not there.

My name is Monika N Uushona, I'm 39 years form Oshakati Namibia. I'm a single mother of 3 kids, We are born 5 in the family. my father is late 2003, and this was the bad year I ever had. This was the same year I was writing my finale exam for grade 12. I didn't pass my exam but I tried my best. From there life hasn't been easy , So i decided to look for part-time job while waiting for my grade's results. I worked in a restaurant for 2 years and saving money to improve my English subject which was low symbol. So I register and rewrite the exam , and unfortunately I didn't make it.

After my father's death life has been difficult. My mom is unemployed just getting pension money, which is not enough to help the whole family. my siblings are unemployed. No one to help me and my young sister to continue with our education. One of my elder brother was just a taxi driver , who was trying to help the whole family. Unfortunately 2015 my brother passed away . And this was another heart break, this year my daughter was just 8 months , Since then I and my family are going through difficult times. From There I decided to come town to look for work, and it's not easy to get good job without any qualifications. I'm working a simple job just to help my family, help my kids with school, but when I'm talking about my kids, not only my biological kids. There are additional more 6 young school kids that are living together with my mom (their grandmother) in the our homestead, who are depending in me for food, clothes, school and shelter. I don't have a car, And I don't have a house for my own to keep my family.

So by this way I can't afford to help my whole family and their needs. And where I am I don't have a house in town. I'm renting a 2 bedroom house which is costing me N$ 3000. 00 per month(Three hundred Namibian dollars per month). I'm hereby request any good hearted person to help me with food, clothes , blankets or money to help my family. and mostly money for school fees for my kids and other kids in the house. Or help to rebuild our family house which is need to be renovated.

I will be happy and appreciate any type of help from all the good hearted people around the world. I'm ready to provide any information needed in order to get help. Attached is my paypal incase if case anybody want to help me ,

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