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Solidarity Quest for improved balanced relationships and Human rights

I'm humanitarian and democratic both in perspective and a practice, I never like to see inequality in terms of ethnic supremacy, gender, resource distribution, and good governance, but the reality we are living is different, criminality and injustice surpass obedience to law.   I'm really sorry, I believe we need to change.

We like or not change is inevitable. Yet, if  change, we should change for the greater good, “ we need to Change ourselves before the change changes us!”  We seek not unpleasant change, but for the greater good. Towards achieving the objective of pleasant change, today my country Ethiopian needs to   avoid ego in our day-to-day interaction and relationship with one another I always call on action to avoid Blaming, Discouraging, Judging, Labeling … and enabling.  

 “Who are you?” you may ask me. Well, my answer humbly, I am just ordinary citizen who is concerned about the Ethiopia, who love Ethiopia, who envision inclusive, peaceful, and developed Ethiopia, I have equal respect for entire nation and nationalities of Ethiopia, and the entire humanity across the world. In my perspective I am cross culturally humanitarian, pleased by respected and dignified humanity elsewhere regardless of color, race, uniqueness in terms of identity, gender, socio, economic and political status.  I want to the world where every people or citizens of a given country love each other, nurture, collaborate and respect each other’s power instead of thinking of dominating or practically dominate each other.

 I have appreciation and respect for every ethnic group, nation, nationalities of Ethiopia including the respective gender, culture, languages, custom, tradition… any other uniqueness, because in my worldview, those diversity and uniqueness  makes up complete Ethiopia,  defines the colorful, beautiful, unified and strong Ethiopia for me.

 If you ask me, I tell you first I am Human, if you further ask whom I?  I may tell you I am Oromo by birth and Ethiopian by Citizen.  I am proud to be the Oromo by birth, Ethiopian by Citizen, African by continent and the member of the entire humanity Across the world. The Oromo people of Ethiopia are the majority nation and constitutes above 50% of the total Ethiopian population.

 In my background as Oromo, I was brought in democratic culture called the” Gada system” democratic, it is “taboo” in Oromo culture to think oneself as more important than the other person even from alien. The Oromo people are democratic people. The Oromo do not compromise Egoistic leader. Egoistic leader focus on one's own survival, pleasure, and enhancement to the exclusion of others and selfishly ambitious. It sees relationships in terms of threat or no threat, like little children who classify all people as " nice" or " mean." Egoistic leader is tyrannical, despotic, and dictatorial. However, as Oromo people, we need a leader who democratizes and elevates ego to a larger sense of the group, the whole, the community, the greater good.

 As a person with such cultural background and educated, I feel sad that Conditions across most sites are very bad my own country Ethiopia today particularly that of the Northern part of the Country Tigray Region of Ethiopia as hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes and   have been displaces several times  resulted  Shelter, hygiene services, clean water and especially food are all in short supply beyond  the humanitarian response  and huge gaps remain while  it generally does not reach people outside the major towns, where people are known to still be hiding. 

I feel deeply sad to hear that “looting of facilities is widespread and most staff have left and that once well-functioning healthcare system in Tigray has almost completely collapsed”, Moreover, I am deeply emphatic about those children abandoned, women raped. This is really sorrow, that our part of beloved citizen the Tigray civilian has been intoxicated.  It much grief and painful hear about 4.5 million of the regions looking for survival needs, about 5 thousand of children have been abandon, there are increasing reports of violence against civilians, including extra-judicial killings and sexual violence, witnessed local observers, the national and international humanitarian organizations. Clashes continue to be reported and this is really tragedy and worrisome for all us.

  Obviously, the weaker economy has impacted the country. This what everyone in the country may feel, the day-to-day increase rate of inflation, devaluation of birr (local currency), the constraints in production of goods and services, the gaps in demand and supply.  The entire nation will be in unalterable situation if corrective and improvement measures will be taken with no delay to any further extent.  

Ethiopian peoples’ nation and nationalities pro the solidarity with innocent Civilians in Tigray and elsewhere in the country.  Ethiopia is not explained by dominance of one group/single ethic supremacy/ tradition or culture among others, Ethiopia is the land of millions of peoples who are with different background nation and nationalities, there are more than 80 nation and nationalities in Ethiopia.  Each of nation has its own valued prototype tradition, culture, language, customs, religion, perspectives, and worldview. We take pride of the   inclusive new Ethiopia than the old-fashioned feudal supremacy Ethiopia.  Me, as humble citizen of Ethiopia, I appreciate the incredible international humanitarian emergencies support to the save the lives of women, children, elderly and innocent civilians in Tigray and elsewhere In Ethiopia.   God Bless the entire nation and nationalities and peoples Ethiopia.   Long live Ethiopia.





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