When i was brought up i knew not a man,Any man who will approach me in the name of he loves me, i would run to my untie to tell her about what this man was telling me, My untie ( elder sis to my father ) she took care of me.During our stay together in the village i cooked ,welcomed visitors ie cooking for them, making up their bed as well as sweeping the rooms they slept in.From primary level i was made to do all these things.Early in the morning i would wake up to prepare breakfast, remember i was still young that i believe even my mother would not want to get me working like that.

Having come from a poor family, whereby when i was doing standard five my mother told me i was well education so now since i can read write i can leave school.Again coming from a situation whereby we were deserted by our parents alone in the village, so that we go to school,from standard one we were told to bathe ourselves we would cook for ourselves.You can imagine what food we were cooking.Anyway life began there for us.So now my untie was all the time on me, i used to ponder sorghum with mortar and pestle because she would say i dont want this one from the milistone its not nice so can you prepare it for me my girl.Without any hesitation i would do it perfectly on the mornings,while on the other side i will be keen for bringing fresh breakfast followed by soft porridge.Lunch by one o'clock was ready.Then i will wash pots and plates , around 4 in the afternoons i will be preparing supper which was usually anything light depending on what we ve eaten during the day.If it happens that i went to play outside the yard i am expected to be inside the house by six oclock.I remember one day i came home late i was doing form two at juniour secondary school, i came from practice for ball sports, so i was playing softball at school.I tried to run but i coudnt make it home when i got there it was already dark.On my school uniform, dirty as i was from training i was told never to enter the yard and there are no yards next to that yard, only whistling of the wind and shaking of the trees.I was so scared beyond, when i saw now that she has gone to sleep i slowly opened the gate and hid myself at our setaagana ( where we make our cooking) . I slept there like a dead man because i was tired from the training.Morning came and i found that the sun was already on, so i will be late at school.I thought she will chase me but she just looked at me with an angry face.I took water to bathe but it was too late so i just wiped,my God that day i will never forget,the whole day i was dirty with my clothes having slept like a dog.You know i was pressed so much.

Everytime i went to see my mother she will say " my daughter you are so slim why , is everything okay" then i would say mum life is so beatiful there.This was because i didnt want to leave going to school.Because my mother stayed at the cattle post, so life there, was not good, people embarked on drinking beer too much,making babies before the approved time and these girls will follow suit like their mothers so i hated to see myself in that state and for my mother she would leave us for a week 's time without knowing our welfare.Can you imagine we were still young and this trumatised me so much.Now the time came for me after tertiary school i fell pregnant,horror of horrors began here: my untie told me to never come to her house again, since now i have embarrassed her.Now the father of my daughter was a foreigner from South Africa and for that matter not a black man, she was so furious and told me she wonders what the villagers would say.So i finally got out of her house and went to my mother who was staying at the town am staying in today.

The father of my daughter went back home, i paid him a visit there.I went back to my home land to comego and prepare for birth when i was four months preg, so i gave birth to beautiful baby girl with foot misformity.So now i was at the hospital all the hospital ,for checkups and all.The father never provided anything for the baby i saw myself begging for all.So now i heared that my untie was celebrating my defeat.I felt so week, so terrible that she chased me now why is she doing this to me.I kept quit, i began to visit church where i was exalted within my spirit, prayed for and encouraged i thank God.The correcting of feet on my daughter took something like 8 months and there was no improvement.So i called upon the Doctor do operate her and he accepted.You know the agony, the pain that my daughter encountered,i thank God she was still young.I couldnt bear it myself.I tried to get hold of the father to inform him about the situation he told me thats nothing,just massage her, he said.So at the hospital i was there for the whole week nobody came to check on me,nobody not even those who have offered me a place of sleep.Hey it was unbearable, no food yet i was breastfeeding so i depended on hospital food which we were told to buy ouselves food not to rely on what we were given because it was so little, so i endured the pain with patience.

My daughter was discharged after 5 days and we went home.The doctor told me they cut the tendons which were somehow like they were swept by something causing the bones to take a wrong shape.Today i stand to praise Dr Alok Gupta for his job wel done,my daughter can walk now,she can run, she can jump, she can do all that a normal person can do.Thank you sir wherever you are.Otherwise that was an impossible situation.Today she is in her standard 2 and she is seven and people they cant even recognise the scars behind her legs.I thank God for my mother who however despite all she didnt chase me from her,i tend to think thats the love of mother, thats surpasses all understanding,and above all i thank God LAMIGHTY WHO HAS SEEN ME THROUGH.

However,ever since that time, i united with my siblings.My mother died a horrible death,she went for beer drinking at the cattle post and they put poison for her.The way she was suffering it looks the poison was tearing her stomach inside into pieces.The following morning i went to see her early in the morning i found her sleeping, and a nurse told she has vomited a colourless liquid with black substance and she showed me the vomits.The following day at 1 o'clock i went to check her only to find that she was dying,we couldnt talk or do anything she was just there gnashing her teeth,hands tightened because of the pain, she died on my eyes. Oh my God let me just stop here,...........................

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