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It is beautiful in the town of Kleinmond, a beautiful community that is situated very close to the Atlantic and Indian ocean border. The mountains surrounds it as if it jealously guards its beauty. The baboons move on their roads as if it lizards on my wall in Nigeria. I saw their guinea fowl and shook my head vigorously while I secretly breathe "thank God I am not my father" because my father would have picked them one by one while my mother prepares delicious egusi from their meat as we would have settled for delicious pounded yam. The bush animals move around with confident, they made me realise that we share this world together, I could hear the tortoise telling me that this space belongs to us as I read the notice "Tortoise on property"

It is indeed a space for all creatures. I wish all space will genuinely be for all creatures all over the world.


I was awaken this morning by the rush of the waters from the ocean. The sound left tingling noise in my ears while the birds sing beautifully.

It is amazing, it is the opposite of where I am coming from, no honking, no blasting, no generator noise, no screaming of bus conductors. Just Peace.

The peace surrounding me cannot quench the roaring noise that sounds in my head. My head is rotating and I am afraid it might fall off my neck literarily if I dont jump start into action and bring these women online to raise their voices.

Haaaaa, I screamed at their stories, but how can we reach these women, how can the world hear their stories. The story of oppression of rape and of poverty. The story of HIV and children born from rape.

Above all and better still, these women want to make a change in their country. They want to end early marriages and they want the world to know about their stories. The story must not be swept under carpet so that the world will not make same mistakes again. Never shall women experience such pain in South Sudan.

I was eager to jump into my computer and introduce these three sisters into the Mountain made of women and women allies. To bring them on board on World Pulse; here we have Catherin Kwaje, Julie and Achomo. They are itching to bring change to their land and we must work with them to make change happen in South Sudan.

They are ready to put all their learning into action and Catherine is yearning towards creating a moulding academy where women are moulded to build the nation and bricks are also moulded to build houses.

Their story was moving and I just felt that we can work together to save women and their children in South Sudan.

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