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Speak, woman! Rosalina Brito

Interview with Rosalina Brito.

Rosalina Brito lives in the favela of Cidade de Deus, better known as CDD in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 50 years ago, is already great-grandmother.

Rosalina has several talents. To inaugurate this cycle of empowering the voice of women who have changed their lives and their families and inspire their communities, I present this great woman to the World. In a partnership with CDD VIVE with World Pulse, a worldwide institution that empowers women of the world for life. SPEAK, WOMAN!

Valéria Barbosa - Who Is Rosalina Brito?

Rosalina Brito is a woman who is finding herself a woman because we become a woman. In the old days I wanted to be a man. Life was so difficult and I asked why life was so difficult for me? It would be better for me to be born a man. I was very angry that I was born a woman. But nowadays I recognize myself as a woman.


Also, Rosalina Brito is a poet, artist, potter, sculptor, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Valéria Barbosa - Illustrator.

Rosalina Brito. Illustrator, writer, graffiti artist ...

Valéria Barbosa - When did you start being more active in the arts?

Rosalina Brito - Valéria, I began by needing to express myself. I could not study. My father had a thought that woman did not need to study. He always said: what do you want to study for? Are you going to marry, will you take care of your children, your husband, what do you want to study for? And I wanted to study, he did not leave. When I turned eighteen; and I got married very young, already separated from my husband. He also had no interest in putting me to study. So I decided to study. I enrolled in a school, I did the primary, but it was for a little while. I was already with three daughters and had to work to support the three daughters.

I was more active in the arts, after taking a graphite course, from there I was invited to make illustrations of books (Illustrated a children's collection of the writer Isa Colli, made the illustration of Falcão Women in the traffic of the MV Bill) I became more active , then came several invitations to exhibit. I've already exhibited at the Museum. I am invited to make an art exhibition today.

Does communication and art influence your daily life? Communication is very important to me. I use it through a newspaper, it is where I also express my art. I write stories, do interviews, cartoons, teach children in schools, and all through this newspaper that is from Cidade de Deus.

How do you see yourself ten years from now, Rosalina?

I've been recognized worldwide for 10 years because dreaming is not forbidden. I will be known as an artist, well paid, preferably.

Valéria Barbosa- Thinking in emotion the art for you is what?

Rosalina Brito - Wow! This question is strong! Art is important to me! It is an overcoming. I left the bottom of the pit and I discovered the art. It filled my life in every way. Both familiar, because I got closer to my family, the family started to value me, to recognize me as an artist. Even I did not recognize myself as an artist, but after I went to see my paintings in museums, exhibitions in various places and people admiring my canvas, it was very exciting for me. I do not know how to live without it anymore.


By: Valéria Barbosa –

Since 2012 in the newspaper CDD VIVE as collaborator.

Since 2012 in World Pulse - current Changemaker.


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