Starting a business online

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur!

I just wanted to graduate, get a high-paying job and be that corporate chic.

I thought by 30 I would be a professor!

Life happened.

I had to pivot.

I am a trained educator.

I love teaching but I was paid peanuts as salary.

In 2015 I began to ask myself, how was I going to do what I love and get paid well for it?

That was when I started searching for answers on the internet.

I discovered the world of coaching.

In 2017 I got a life certification coaching.

I began to use my social media platforms to speak and encourage other women to chase their dreams.

I created my first course which failed.

In 2020 I created another course and it sold out.

I improved my skills in social media marketing and got paying gigs to manage social media pages.

I create workshops to coach and teach people about social media, content creation and monetization.

Today I make money online doing the same things I love which are teaching and coaching.

I am committed to helping forward-thinking ambitious women and moms who want to package their knowledge, skills and story to build an online business through coaching and course creation.

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