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Digital story telling Healing and Transformation

A story is a message,short narrative,or a compilation of many voices within a community that seeks to solve a problem or take actions within their village in order to bring about development with regards to changes in the society . Stories can stem from authentic experiences or consequences from an individual and as a result be the reason for the change in the community. It can also be a grass rooted problem, an issue which is already existing so therefore the individual seeks to make the community a better place. 

A story can be written in any style a narrative, an interview, multiple voices from a particular community, articles, opinions or in a speech form. Depending on how the individual feel they best express themselves through any style. A Story is a tool that can be used to save the lives of many people and help send messages of encouragement to people across the world no matter where a person is located they can always be found through a story.

Stories pave the way for the incoming generation of women who will also tell their story of change and how much they have added to change within their own surroundings. This goes beyond the current community it reaches for thousand more out there who are seeking for growth elighntenment,support,help,education,encouragement,network and skills.

People should voice out about their stories. Digital story telling on World pulse has made it possible for young women old women and teenage girls to share their stories which makes it even better. The reason why stories should be told is because we get to hear people's stories from every age and also we get to communicate or understand each other based on the similarities we each go through within our communities. Its encouraging and listening to another persons story can be simply educative.. Story telling is also a channel of creativity and the more we get creative with our stories the more likely we are able to find more solutions and break barriers or limitations through our voices. Another reason why we should tell our stories is because it heals another person's story can bring healing to another young female striving for a better future. 

Lastly Story telling is one of the best gateways to harnessing good literacy skills and also improve confidence the many young women online. 

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