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Mwakirunge community is one of the vulnerable communities in Mombasa coastal region. That is where we have garbage dumping site that serves Mombasa County. The dumpsite threats to human and environment knows no boundary as the about 2,000 tons of garbage continue to pile daily with those exposed to it also continue to suffer from lack of other social amenities. Majority use flying toilets to relieve themselves when nature calls, houses made of paper bags, boxes etc. Again, we the advent of COVID 19, the ward lacks clean refresh water to keep the disease at bay as the residents’ appeal is to drill water boreholes, housing and recycling machine for the plastic and scrape materials from garbage collection. A scavenger at the dumpsite who gets his living by collecting plastic bottles want the Governor to carry out massive spraying of the area saying many families depending on it risk contracting known or unknown diseases. The dumpsite is home to an assortment of solid waste ranging from medical, offices and foodstuffs to industrial waste that can expose those operating there to various health hazards. The community depend on food from the dumping site. Residents of Mwakirunge Ward have been up in support of arms in the County government, sponsors and stake holders for their cries over the dumpsite’s open burning of solid waste which results into harmful toxins that can cause health complications. They are living on borrowed time with daily toxic doses. There are concerns such as household registration, illegal constructions, education, demolitions, city management, housing and traffic has left many a people disillusioned by authorities. The public should be encouraged to express their demands through the network platform for enriching information resources. Moreover, the response mechanism should be established for the public opinions derived from Text Mining, to improve public satisfaction. Read less...

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