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In the 21st Century one of the issues i never would have imagined us still tackling is the access to sanitary towels for girls. It is unimaginable that this is still an issue not just in Africa, but all around the world. Girls especially from rural and slum areas always have a hard time when its that time of the month. When you hear stories of girls using banana fibres, old clothes, socks etc and some still going to the forest for the period they are menstruating, it must break your heart; at least mine breaks. Should we be hearing such stories in the 21st Century? I do not know about you, but in my opinion, i don't think so! However, it is sadly a reality for many girls.

Lack of money (poverty) has been linked with the lack of access to buy such a necessity; for some a sanitary towel is a luxury! I am thus left to wonder, how long shall we try to eradicate poverty so that girls can have access to sanitary towels? There has to be another way that we can think of in the meantime to make this necessity an access to every girl and woman. I would like to hear suggestions from anyone on that issue.

Even as we think of a way to tackle that issue, Imana Initiative, Kenya is fundraising to donate a year's supply to 200 girls in Uganda. This will also be an opportunity to empower the girls with information that will help in decision making, discovering of their purpose and also identity. So far Imana Initiative, Kenya has donated 12,000+ packets of sanitary towels to girls within Kenya. When we were invited to Uganda for a leadership training we thought it also necessary to donate sanitary towels and panties to the girls since they have the same issues as Kenya. Kshs. 600/= ($6) is enough to support a girl with a year's supply of sanitary towel and 4 panties. If you would like to support us, visit our website and you will find the place to support us financially on the 'get involved' link.

#sisterskeeper #globalgoals

Thank you!


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