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Getting an invitation to Tulwo Girls High school to give a motivational talk was an exciting moment for me. I had a chance to share, mentor, encourage, motivate and be with the girls who are not only growing up, but preparing for their future. in the group was over 100 girls preparing for their form four examinations from the KNEC, due from October, 2013. These are girls who are doing very well in their examinations but are lacking those things that can make them concentrate and be comfortable as they stay in school.

Reaching The school, i met bright looking, and energetic girls ready to hear from me. we had over two hours talk on ' issues affecting Girls in institutions of learning. the girls confidently listed the issues as follows;

rigid school rules
lack of school fees
lack of supply with the basic needs
stress in school
academic demands from teachers and parents
relationship issues
dropping out of school due to pregnancies
inability to concentrate
exposure to illegal Drugs and alcohol
insecurity in school and on the way to and from school
indiscipline- sneaking out, and rudeness

when i asked that we prioritize the four pressing needs, the list looked as follows

lack of supply of basic needs ---*sanitary pads, soap, oil and

poor backgrounds

As i shared with the girls, they disclosed that some of them are send away for fees three to four times before term ends. others mentioned that they have no money to buy pads and the fake diseases for four weeks every month so that they can stay in the dormitory since they don't have a supply of pads to enable them stay in class. others mentioned that since their parents don't given them pocket money, and they have no one to talk to, they opt to sneak out of school and give in to any man who can buy them personal effects, though against their wishes. we looked at possibilities of getting all that they need to complete their education and i realized, i can not do this a lone. I need friends of Tulwo girls to help me. I need mentors, i need peer counselors, i need gender educators, i need women with passion of girl rights. i need pulse to be able to fully support Tulwo Girls. I know we have in our community people with varied specialties. i know fully well that there are those who are willing to mentor 400 girls in high school. and i also know we have people in our community , so generous with information on networking. I welcome you all to reach out to these girls in a rural boarding school that is sponsored by the Anglican Church of Kenya, found in Nandi County. I pray that our support can add value to their being young women, protect them, encourage them to achieve their goals and dreams so that they can be useful and hopeful citizens of this world.

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