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Shilling and her three children were startled from their peaceful sleep by the loud screams, the gunshots, and running footsteps that permeated the air. The village of Towa was under siege again. Shilling grabbed her two sons and daughters and dashed for the door of her hut. There was pandemonium everywhere; Parents were calling out for their children, as the village was thrown into chaos. Shilling and her children ran as fast as they could towards the big baobab tree in the backyard that led into the dark forest of Kisha. She kept encouraging them to not stop but keep running as she ran closely behind them.

As they ran into the forest, the gunshots and wailing became more distant; her peaceful village has been invaded by outlaws. it was barely six months ago that her husband was killed on his farm by these same outlaws and his crops harvested. Shilling was still trying to come to terms with being a widow and now the village has been invaded. From the forest, she can see flames from burnt houses and bodies eroding the sky as cries from both old and young are lifted into the heavens like a discordance melody. Her home and source of livelihood have been destroyed. Shilling lifted her two years old daughter Tete onto her back who was exhausted from the run and has began to drift into sleep. 'where do we go from here mama\" Kosi her first son asked; with tears streaming from her eyes, Shilling hugged her Five-year-old son Boli and her seven years old son Kosi and said \"Our journey from now on is in the Almighty's hands...

This attack happened five years ago but to Shilling and her family, it felt like yesterday. A non-governmental organization rescued her family from the forest the following day and moved her to another city. yet the scars inflicted on her family in Towa still resonates in their subconscious. Although this family is on its path to healing; it is still a long road towards full recovery!

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