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The Art of Nourishing yourself through Listening Authentic Music

Listening is a state of being where there is no veil of mind, interpretations, intellect or mental filters between the beauty of music and your ears, and not just ears between the beauty of music and your heart. You do not require a heavy duty intellectual ear to drink from the spring of music, nor you need to understand music, usually we get entangled in the technicalities of music, getting attached to the highs and lows of the tune or melody or notes or the voice and interpret it and filter it within our being . Sounds and notes are secondary, they do what they have to do and have their effect, but the pure state of listening is a state of receptivity, by learning to be receptive to music, you slowly learn the art of being receptive to existence too. To listen is to be open , if you bring your head between your heart and music, you will miss the nectar, you will not be able to drink from the spring.

Its an art, listening is an art , , its like love , a very beautiful communion , a transmission beyond description , when you are sitting silently, not just listening to the notes and melody of it but also are grounded in this very fresh and open moment of pure receptivity, When you are really open and receptive, you will find yourself in the very Present moment, Here and Now.In absolute presence of stillness and silence within, the outer sequence of sounds, the refined harmony instruments and voice simply become an excuse to hand on to the silence of this moment you feel when you are in a pure state of availability and openness. Music becomes a way of meditation.

Hence, drink the music in utter openness, just don’t listen to it, look at it like a spring that has spurt out of the breasts of existence, be available to its happening and drink from it, do not try to understand it or tis effect, simply drink it. Let your breaths be attuned to the notes in beginning and then slowly move beyond them, look whats hidden in the heartbeat of each and every note, you will see something miraculous, you will find silence hidden in every note and sound of authentic music. The sounds are mere outer shell of the silence they are carrying within.

And when you come across music which has taken birth from the being of a person who has been attained by silence and serenity of being , and if you are wholly open to that music, without any intellect or resistance, you will instantly find yourself connected to the very source of existence, you may not be able to understand what is happening, how can merely a sound take you to such a height of joy and bliss, because understanding is a byproduct of mind, and mind can never KNOW the ultimate, you will find yourself happy, with tears of joys escaping your eyes without any understandable reason , Yes it happens , if you are really open to music of a person, who ahs been available to the wholeness of existence, and let your being vibrate with it, the very nectar of existence starts to be available for you.

And every heart is seeking this nectar , on thousands of paths, things and acts thou seek this nectar, and music is a grandest path. That’s why for thousands of years mantras and devotional music called bhajans have been used by countless enlightened beings as a form of spiritual practice for their devotes , all they had to do is be wholly open and let the voice and words sing in, let the sacred sounds sink in and start to vibrate. It’s a very beautiful and feminine approach , and by feminine I do not mean womanly approach, I mean a receptive approach.

Usually we live with closed doors, not just physically, but mentally too. The sacred notes are knocking on our doors so that we could connect to the existence. Even if we open a small window , the sun and winds will start to drip inside with its nourishment, a small window and winds will start to pour in with its soothing touch , a small window and you can be available to the kiss of raindrops on your cheeks. You start to see Life , calling you , through that small window,

By and by as your receptivity grows, you will open your doors one by one, and on a auspicious day , when you are completely attuned to the art of listening , receptivity , the whole glory of existence , the very nectar of it, starts to flood in, within your being. In such a wholesome state of receptivity , listening the alchemy happens , your very being starts to vibrate with the music of inner sanctity , you begin to pulsate with your own inner music. Your being starts to give birth to the fragrance of relaxedness and rest . The you do not even need any usual music , Even a nightingale’s call would fill you with ecstasy , even a simple sound of raindrops faling down and kissing the ground will bring you a song of serenity , even a gush of wind will be able to speak to you …That is when you really arrive at home , your real home, within yourself…

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