The Art of Positivity: How to Flip the Script for a Happier You

Can I ask you a sincere question? What do you believe you deserve?

It's a challenging question, isn't it?

The moment we usually feel that we deserve all the happiness and love in the world...is often when we're at our lowest. In those moments, despair takes over, tears steal our words, and our hearts feel empty.

"Why? Why me? Why again? Why now? What did I do wrong? Do I not deserve...?"

Yet, we pick ourselves up again. We dust ourselves off and continue doing life on autopilot. The feeling that you indeed deserve all the happiness, love, and success in the world completely fades away.

Why does this happen?

The truth is, feeling heard and seen often comes from someone making us feel valued. It's about someone else reminding us that we matter, that we are enough, worthy, fun, sexy, and smart.

When you yearn for someone or deeply love them, it's not always about that person. It's about the yearning and love for the HOME you've built and decorated with your affection, time, and energy. But the reality is, that the foundation of the home you've built rests on how someone treats you. The problem and scary thing with that, is that creating your home in others...gives them the power to make you homeless.

When you are the one who has given everything, and the other calls it quits, an unfairness lingers. I understand. But the truth is, you chose to give, and they owe you nothing. You do owe it to yourself to walk away from a situation when you don't get what you deserve.

So, I ask again: What do you believe you deserve?

In this question lies your answer to why/why you/why now/why again.

If you're truly honest with yourself... You'd probably acknowledge struggling to believe you're enough, right? You're uncertain about yourself, aren't you? You critique, beat yourself up, and strive for improvement even after giving your all. The belief in deserving seems to require constant "earning," doesn't it?

And that, my friend, is the key. You don't have to do anything to deserve. You already are enough. It's time to focus on believing in your worth.

Don't wait for apologies, reconsideration, calls, or for people seeking you out. Respond to your own call for love, attention, care, and time. Learn how to flip the script to become a happier. Make coming home to yourself a priority.

Understanding how crucial self-love is cannot be stressed enough. It's the only solid foundation that supports the building blocks of your happiness and fulfillment.

Take this as an encouragement to do something. Your life isn't just a series of events; it's a story of self-empowerment, sprinkled with resilience and painted with the uniqueness that is you.

And honestly....I can't wait to read it.

(This story is a chapter from the book: the unaware self-gaslighter. Each week, I translate a chapter or two for you to read here on Worldpulse. I would love for you to follow along. Thank you for reading my book, chapter by chapter. I appreciate your support)

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