The Banquet Hall🌺


"For Such A Time As This". ✨💫✨

Hello can I help You? Why does everything have to be gloomy, I don't understand since our nation Isarael is free from the Egyptians our nation has got to be celebrating.

Behold the time of suffering is yet to Begin. Esther your people are not safe. They have been plunged into the hands of a Wicked man and his Name is Haman. You need to visit King Xerxes in his chambers. And tell him. I AM sent you. From the beginning he will not believe you but after a while i will slowly bend his ear to your voice and his Heart i will open to your concern.

I cannot imagine what was going on in Esthers mind and heart when she finally got into the palace. Will i be heard? How is my life going to be like after all this? An ordinary girl living an ordinary life. Until fate decided to take an unexpected turn💫.Most often Esthers story is being told from the view point of her becoming Queen after she saved the Jews. But what was Esther's life like before she saved the Jews. Who was she before becoming the Queen of the Persian Empire. What were her daily routines like? Did she have friends? Was her life snatched from her after she stepped into the King's Palace? Did she know who she was before becoming Queen?

Who was this girl called Hadassah🦋🌹

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