The Demonizing of Emotions

What has been an issue that I have seen in many ways that effects all of us and especailly women over history to date,
is the demonizing of emotions. When there are feelings and emotions a lot of us are socially conditioned to keep it inside and not show them , as there are penalties for showing our emotions. One emotion that has been demonized is anger, it is reduced to being either aggressive or a form of hystrianics. It is one way people lose their voice in any given situation and the voice of that person becomes muffled or even muzzled.
In the past with women the men held a lot of the power and women were meant to be silent on matters or be civilized about it all. If emotiuons were displayed or shown a doctor would prescribe medication which helped bury these emotions even deeper or silence them altogether. Valium was given out all the times in years gone by to control peoples emotions or sedate them into passivity. What we do not understand we medicate. In the field of psychiatry this is still common practice , it is about control no actual help. I have yet to meet anyone who benifited from this type of treatment and also the confusion over what is being dealt with the client, or patient loses out and has no power in the situation.
It does now effectively help someone process what they are experiencing or promote healing and then emotions are buried and deemed a social taboo. This can cause people to live in denial about their own feelings and emotions, like being buried alive.
In the human condition expressing ousrselves is very important, Joy, happiness , enthusiasm, fear, anger, grief, it is all a part of everyone and when the situation calls for it we need to process it all to heal and also for our own dignity.
I have seen so many people feel guilty for how they feel or about themselves , the judgement has been made and the sentence is clear and a negative impact on the person.
When we are children it is okay for things to be exprssed unless we are in a strict severe envionment, as adults we are conditioned to give up, forget all that we were allowed in childhood. This is how people get unhealthy and also how societies do the same in a similar fashion.
To set free the person a safe place and with safe people emotions need to be expressed and respected.

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