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The Disgusting Act of Cat Calling.

     The first time I was cat-called I was still 11. I look a lot older than I am, and it causes me to get a lot more attention from older men than I want, which is none. 

     It was a normal day. I was going to the beach with my mom and my cousin, she was 14 at the time. We were riding a tandem bicycle, around the playground, where my mom and my niece played. We were tired, so we stopped. We were talking, as we were interrupted by 3 drunk men. 

      The first one, tall, Hispanic. The second, shorter, black. I didn't get a good view of the third. They were tumbling over each other. The first offered my cousin a ride \"Baby girl, you look tired. Need a ride?\" The second was more directed at me. \"Hey, little light skin?\" I knew he was talking to me, my cousin has dark brown skin, and I am a caramel tan. They start yelling and speaking over each other. We couldn't hear much of what they were saying, but from what we heard, it sounded like mostly sexual references. The shorter black man then starts singing. \"You can ride my pony.\" Those lyrics repeated in my head. I thought 'how would Ginuwine feel if he knew his song was being used for the attempt to pick up young girls' 

     I didn't say much, I just looked at my cousin, who was yelling at them. I didn't hear much of what she was saying either. I was comprehending what was going on. Months before that, I had been educated on something cat - calling. When someone whistles, shouts, or make a comment of a sexual nature towards a woman, usually walking, or in the work place. But then I realized, I'm not even a woman yet. But I can pass as one. Or maybe I don't have to be a woman yet. Men are disgusting creatures. 

    I was snapped out of this by my mom. Who was shouting at them, calling them pedophiles. My cousin then started saying our ages. \"I'm 14, she's 11. You guys are sick!\" I wanted to be able to stick up for myself so I joined in. \"Yeah, I'm 11, you creep! Keep it moving!\" I shouted. The short black man, then started accusing me of being a \"catfish of age.\" I was confused on why he would say that, considering the fact that I never lied about my age, these men were just vile people. 

     After that, we were ready to go home, so we headed for the car. On the ride home from the car someone pulled out a gun. That was a chaotic day, I stayed away from the beach for a while. 


     The second time, I had just been picked up from my house by my auntie, I was spending the weekend there. My auntie had to make a quick stop at the grocery store.

     We were shopping for around 20 minutes, and were headed for check out, when 4 white men. They looked like they were all in college. I didn't mind them. When we were at check-out my auntie turned and said \"if you want something to drink, you should go grab it now.\" So I went to the isle with the drinks. and I grabbed a water. When I turn around to start walking back, I realize them staring, and laughing. I had a feeling they were laughing at me, but I ignored it and walked past them. 

     When I walked passed one of them whistled, and the other one says \"nice ass!\" I was still 11. I quickly walked back to check-out, and when I turned around notice they are right behind me, so I hide behind my auntie. 


     The main point behind these stories, is that women go through these things on a daily basis. And not just women, little girls too. Please help educate your sons, dads, brothers, boy cousins, any male person you have in your life on why cat-calling and sexual harassment is completely not okay. 


Gender-based Violence
Northern America
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