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My name is Uche Linn. I am a teacher, from ICT department in one of the Federal Government College Daura precisely in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Before now, mostly seventy percent of the staff and students were computer-phobia. Some of them were seeing it as a tug-of war especially the female teachers, I would say is because of the environment, most people that resides here doesn't have a technology drive!

The subject teachers were to enter the student's termly examination scores manually on the report sheet and of course has to be signed by each subject teacher. It was so terrible that the teachers had to cue up until it gets to your turn.

Thank God for the technological advancement, things has changed now, students go home with computerized results and as well, access their results online. This is possible with the help of me and serving corps member.

The teachers concluded the three days training with the maximum support of Microsoft innovative educators and some ICT personnel.

We were trained on how to use technological productivity tools and resources to make the teaching and learning environment interesting and for the learners to have a critical thinking. This wouldn't have been possible, but with the support of the federal ministry of education in collaboration with Microsoft from 16th - 19th of May, 2017. It was a kick off though, is going to be a continuous program by the next three months, they will be coming back for a follow up and of course, the teachers and students would be trained after which exam follows!

The school still need more technological tools and resources to enhance the effective and productivity in teaching and learning.

Both the students and the teachers will benefit from this program and this has changed our mind sets towards ICT.

How to Get Involved

I want to be a professional ICT educator, to be trained and re-trained.

To make teaching and learning more interesting by using technology.

To become a resource person, teaching learners how to make use of computers.

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