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Earth Day Village – Tarp Bag Project

Earth Day Village – Tarp Bag Project was born out of EDNPI’s Treasurer, Ms. Binggirl Clemente’s desire to do something for the post-marketing waste that is the tarpaulin billboard. She realized that to do this a sustainable project is necessary to recycle the said wastes. Hence, in January 2008, EDNPI adopted two sitios in Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo to teach its residents Solid Waste Management and help in the cleaning-up of the Nagpuso Creek where the two sitios are located. Moreover, EDNPI trained some mothers to handle the recycling of these post-marketing tarpaulins by sewing them into bags and other gift items.

Based on the initial objectives of the project, the following are the accomplishments of Earth Day Village – Tarp Bag Project since 2008.

  1. to raise the consciousness of the adopted communities on environmental issues that can lead to action. EDNPI has conducted seven (7) solid waste management seminars for the residents of Sitio Alimogmog which is composed of seven (7) sub-groups called “pulutong”. The goal of the seminars was to introduce the zero waste lifestyle in their communities. The said seminars were well-attended specially by mothers who are the primary handlers of waste in the household.

  2. to implement Republic Act 9003 by setting up a sustainable solid waste management program in the adopted communities. The participants committed to implement the solid waste management program in their own respective household. Hence, segregation is used where the biodegrables and the non-biodegradables are separated. The biodegradables are buried in their backyard which will enrich the soil for a future backyard vegetable garden while the non-biodegrables are brought to the material recovery facility which Earth Day Network Philippines built for the community.

  3. To empower the women of the communities by providing a livelihood alternative to them. Thirteen mothers were initially picked from the community for the Tarp Bag Sewing Project, a component of the Earth Day Village Program. They were trained on how to sew bags using used tarpaulins. They were also given an enrichment seminar for personal development as well as the solid waste management seminar.

The Center has sewn more than 7,000 bags from June to December 2008 and have contributed to the income of their respective families.

  1. to provide a recycling facility for post-marketing wastes (tarpaulin banners & billboards). Following the seminars and in cooperation with the Sitio Chairman, Earth Day Network Philippines build a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in the sitio which will serve as the recycling and buy-back center for all recyclables. This is also provided for by the Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

The Earthday Village tarp bag project is a working template of a SOCIAL ENTERPRENEURSHIP. It sustains its business operation, through the sales of the tarp bags to the companies who owns the tarpaulin banners

It has a big social relevance by
1) addressing company’s post marketing wastes,
2) enriching skills of community members to enhance livelihood,
3) supports the environmental activities of the community through volunteerism
4) empowering its members by giving them ample knowledge on how they can practice stewardship in Action.

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