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Barely a week after celebrating the 16 days of activism against gender base violence,there seems to be an alarming increased in the rate of murdered,tortured and brutality against women and children in Liberia.Of late was a brutal killing of a woman by her husband on grounds that she(his wife) cheated on him.For crying out loud if your wife cheated on you does this give you the right to kill her?Interestingly after he killed her he went to the police to report himself. Regretable because of societal castigation, the family abandon the body of their own daughter,and bailed the husband for a first class felony,which is unbailable according to our constitution.

Just with in a space of a week another when the horros of this terrible killing had not faded away another one sparked in.A 35 year-old man killed his wife niece because he did not do what he wanted to do to the woman.The saga which started with a squabble over a $2000.00LD,led to the untimely death of a 5 year old child.Earlier on this man give his wife this said amont to do business but unfortunately for her she went and treated a miscarriage she had with in the space of time.After a while he decide to ask his wife to account for the money he give,but unfortunately for him he was told that she used the money for her health.At this junction he started to quarrel with his with his wife,which later left to a merciless flogging and the bursting of her eye.Still not satisfied with the level of beating he had given her got angry when the nieghbors came around and toke his wife away went into the room and \"slashed\" out the neck of his wife niece that was already in bed.Again I think because of the privilege his friend enjoyed,he too decided to go to the ploice station for refugee.

As I sit and try to convey this ruthless crime of this man I still cry.Why did this man kill this innocent child,what has the aunt done that he can not forgive her for?But again these fellows continue to enjoy the privilege of having a weak judiciary system.
I want to take this time to condemn in the strongest term the behavior of those guys, this is unexceptable and we as watchdogs wouldn't accept it.I also want to call on our gender minister to please take this case serious this time around.Because if it is not take serious another one is going to happen that will be worse than this.

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