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There's a culture that needs to end.

The girl child from cradle is designed to think that life has not started until she gets married. 

All the girl child hears while growing up is, “Learn how to cook for your husband”, “is this how you want to do in your husband’s house?”, your husband this and your husband that.



It looks like everything she knows how to do right, she only knows how to do it for marriage. 

Is getting married wrong? Nope! I love marriages! I will get married one day. 

But society has conditioned the woman's mind to believe that she was only created for marriage. 

Some ladies even go to the extent of pausing their lives until they get married. 

~ Never die to your purpose for marriage.

~ You don't exist just for marriage.

Marriage was created by God and not the devil. Marriage is a beautiful thing. For me, I believe everyone should get married. But before that happens:

~ Discover purpose 

~ Find your power

~ Find your voice

~ Find your light 

~ Build your own empire while he builds his and when you both come together, you'd form a great kingdom.

People will say “If you're not married as a lady, you're useless, What are you existing for?” 

All they do is to push you and pressure you into something wrong and when that man starts messing up in marriage they'd turn around and blame you for making a bad decision. 

~ Don’t allow people to put you under pressure for marriage. 

~ Don’t be desperate. 

~ There’s nothing like marrying late. Who gave the deadline? 

~ Get married because you want to not because of other people. 

~ Don’t get married because you want to prove a point. 

~ Get married when you are ready. 

~ Don’t throw your dreams away because of a man. A good man would want you to achieve those dreams. A good man would want to make you shine. 



It's also important for you to surround yourself with ladies who are doing well and are shining their light.

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