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The Girl in Me!

 Had it been today, I will have loved to be a different person than who I have become of today. That person I admire, that person who I will love to be molded around and be like in the future.

My upbringing was very controversial, looking back I will have loved to undo the past. Born in the set up of an extended family, my dad was made to forcefully  married  one of his elderly brother  wife as custom demands after his brother's death. Our family became huge. Five kids from the the other woman and three from my mother with me been the elderly kid with a disability.

You can imagine the chaos that might come along with such families. It was not easy economically and emotionally for me. All others kids were made to come first before me. Towards the 80ties to the 90ties it was not easy for a handicap kid to easily be integrated  into society. We were not accepted then as it is today. They rather believe its a curse womb who carried us. It becomes mother and daughter stigma. The man/father is never at fault.

They also  had wrong impression that always physically infirm also means intellectually infirm for the handicap kid. With all these going on,I became timid yet conscious, observant and  Curious about my surroundings. A step at a time.

Later in the ground school my teacher also became observant of me and my good performances in her class, she finally reported this to my mother. My mother was an illiterate so I never showed her my terminal school reports to her. I exclaimed! when my mother got to find out about my good grades in class I began getting all the attentions in the world, it went as far as outside the house. I was a good kid growing up. Obedient, respectful, hardworking even with my limitations. 

This is where I will have loved to undone things. Its sad to say that I regretted being always the good one. I have missed a lots of opportunities been a good kid. Also I have learnt this my years that its okay to make yourself dirty. Its okay for the white t.shirt to become brown. Society never respect good behavior.

They rather think you are the stupid one. I waited my over 30 years listening to people to define me and my faith. I never took risks! Today, I am making that change now. And you must, parent or a girl you have the right to make your kid and yourself. Take all the risks and stand firm with any goals you set before you. Do not let anybody decides for you. You only knows what is best and that which will benefit you. Remember If you win they will come around and if you lost they will walk away. Why let them be your faith. However, make sure of one thing! That is be firm in your faith, knowing and being convince what you do, will yield the needed results for you. I am saying\" had I known is always at last\" Please Dont say similar in years to come. Be courageous and have Faith whilst taking those risky steps.

I have chopped some success after the brouhaha :-). To me success is a matter of inner peace. Not the big luxury cars and houses but the efforts one makes every day to put a smile on others faces. After my tertiary education in Denmark I returned home so I can be of help to others like me. Currently, I am an initiator/ CEO of TIME Foundation Ghana. We are currently a non governmental organization (NGO) that is into the empowerment of only young teen mothers financially. We give equitable goods to these teen mother's as a start up capital.

Rather than giving them physical money which can be easily distorted. After a year of work with our goods, they return the capital to TIME Foundation to be use to recruit new members.

Please currently we are seeking partners to collaborate with us. Partners can contribute financially or goods wide. You  can be an organization or an individual partner. Kindly inbox me here if you want to come on board.

Hugs to you All!


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