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The Journey to Becoming The World Pulse Rate Monitor for World Social Change


On a chilly morning of 11th August 2010,I come across this mail “World Pulse Announces Voices of Our Future”, from Young Women Leadership Institute Acting Executive Director, Sophie Ngugi who is also a graduate of VOF. Three words catch my attention: World Pulse, Voices and Future.
From my understanding, the “pulse rate” is the number of times in a minute that an artery pulsates indicating occurrence of a heart beat. When someone is hospitalized, he/she often wears a pulse rate monitor to provide constant information to the medical providers. This monitor may trigger an alarm if the pulse rate changes radically, alerting hospital staff to a problem. The World Pulse was right here to give me the unique opportunity to be the pulse rate monitor, monitoring social problems affecting the globe and raising an alarm through my voice for advocacy for social change while still being part of the same change. I thought for a moment this is the social media website where I could speak for myself and on behalf of the women globally and advance my vivid dream for global social change. Further, a quote from Sunita in the Call for Application mail” World Pulse gives me new life because I can freely raise my voice………”confirmed that indeed truly I was in the right place.
The registration into the group was swift and with no turning back, and did I mention that for the very first time someone in proxy had given me the opportunity to narrate my life story in writing to be an encouragement to other women worldwide in the “Introducing me and My Journal”. For a moment I felt some strong propelling power pushing me to speak out the challenges, the experiences and lessons learnt throughout my journey of life to the women world over, also to connect with other women in the interactive media and create productive bonds, all geared towards improving the status of the woman in the society.
Having being part of Young Women Leadership Institute an affiliate group for African Women Leadership Institute, I recruited 5 of my colleagues who are equally excited of the program; they shall be joining VOF Applicants 2011.
My personal vision is the light that shines in the darkness towards which I turn to find my way. My vision is to share a lifetime of knowledge about people, community development and viable solutions on social problems with a vast international audience, having a positive impact on every person I come across, living daily a life dedicated to integrity, commitment, challenge and joy. Logging into the website everyday and express my creativity and innovation through writing gives me immeasurable joy for this is just another step to becoming the “The Social Change Pulse Rate Monitor”, what a name! World Pulse is the group to be and remember that determining the Pulse Rate for Social Change starts right with you.

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