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The Last Fight and Flight of Patriarchial Rulership Part I

I am living sure, that patriarchy is on it last leg!! And as it goes out and begins to shift back to the nurturing state of the Mother, men will continue to brutalize women into submission to keep them under this male dominate paradigm. So, I say to my sisters brace yourself! Know that this is the final stage that we are passing through.
How do we explain why women have to suffer? This is the question most victims have when they have had to endure trauma and suffering. Generally, we have no physical answer to this question, because when we look within our present life time, we can see no wrong that could bring about such cruelty. But, if you have to know an answer to move on, then read on and I will seek to provide one, in the spiritual tradition of Karma, and reincarnation.
Spiritually, those of us who are suffering or have suffered are apart of the matriarchal group that ruled before men brutally took the power from us. We refused to fight back and agreed to allow them to take over control, while the resisters were murdered and tortured, because we refused to take a stand against the man. However, if you analyze it through the Karma revisiting us perspective, then, you might be able to agree that it is rearing its last head again and we are being forced to take a stand to reverse the polarity of oppression. This is what my Ancestor mothers have spoken to me about, regarding this situation of abuse. I have been praying and meditating for my sisters who are suffering, and I was seeking peace within because of learning so much more of your sufferings.
There is a strength arising in women that must become a reflection of what stood at the beginning of time, when Women Ruled. We need not fear, but embrace ourselves to take a stand. Those sisters who have been called as healers must relay this message to those who have been victimized, so they have some innerstanding of "why me". Why not you, because you are strong enough to live through it, grow stronger, and to assist other women in their survival. I too am a survivor of trauma and I can honestly say, that it has made me stronger. I can also say that there is joy, happiness and peace after trauma. But you must see the trauma as a stepping stone and not a tomb stone!

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