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The Model Woman

The model woman starts her life’s journey, oblivious of what the future holds for her.
As a girl and a daughter she is a descendant of a particular family lineage within which she grows up; and receives close tutelage. All through her years of being a girl-child, she is always open to both formal and informal schooling. She learns the art and act of being conscientious at childhood; taking on household chores, caring for her parents and siblings and at the same time looking out for herself and others. Though physically and mentally young, she carries out assigned tasks with such raptness and dexterity. She is truly an embodiment of innocence and kindheartedness.
As a lady, she behaves very politely and carries herself with unrivaled dignity; and is highly regarded by her peers. In the face of challenges, she never draws back; as she is result oriented. Very quickly she recalls and makes commendable use of all she learnt as a girl child. She has a knack for details and pays attention to her inner and outward endowments. Many a man craves to gain her affection, yet she is patient enough to make an enviable choice. Her fortitude lies in her conviction about her self worth. She is grace and elegance personified.
As a wife, she brings such a great honour to her husband, lending her support to him every step of his way. She brings so much joy and succor to his life with her magic touch. He no longer has to worry about having sumptuous meals on his table daily, clean and crisp clothing in his wardrobe, getting a pat on the back or a word of encouragement even when he thinks that he is undeserving of one. Little wonder that it is said “behind every successful man, there is a woman”. Never one to claim glory for the successes she helps to achieve, rather she delights in them. Her loyalty is such an amazing wonder.
As a mother, what an exceptional bond she has with her biological children right from birth; her non biological children are not left out of her magnanimity. She concentrates on her children’s needs sparing very little or no time to attend to herself; much so that she will rather go hungry than see her children starve. She gives her best to put smiles on their faces at all times; giving all for their comfort. Her tenderness endears her to their hearts, as she is a devoted and willing listener. She is a most trusted confidant ever seen or heard of.
As a friend, she lends her shoulder to her friends and acquaintances, making herself very dependable. There is never a dull moment with her and all who really know her adore her. Over time she earns their respect too. Her liberality knows no bounds. Though sometimes vulnerable to the canker worm called betrayal, she is ever quick pull herself together. She recognizes the expediency of friendship and does not easily give up on any of her friends. The glaring flaws of her friends are for her, a motivation to work better at strengthening her friendships. She is truly a friend in need and indeed.
As a career person, she works very hard to excel; especially as she needs an extra effort to make her voice heard in the midst of her male contemporaries. She scales the hurdles of ethnic, religious, social and cultural bigotry and sentiments to reach her goal. She makes effort to make a mark and leave her strides in the sands of time; thus proving that it is not only a man’s world, but a woman’s too. In proving her worth, she never undermines the role of men. Interestingly, her male counterparts recognize her exceptional attributes. She is an unrelenting and honorable visionary.
As a citizen, she contributes her quota to the growth and development of her community, thus contributing to the society at large. By right she is a governing member of her country and her seemingly little contributions cannot but be noticed. She directly and indirectly participates in the social economic, cultural and political activities of her country. She remains unsung; yet she never gives up. Her perception is that Governance goes beyond what the Government does or does not do. She is steadfast to her beliefs and what she can do.

There are many out there who represent the model woman. For her vitality and a wide variety of roles the model woman deserves a resounding applause!

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