The Neglected Widows in Nigeria

It is really disheartening to note that many widows in Nigeria are neglected and often times discriminated against and stigmatized for the death of their spouses. In some culture in the country, these widows are seen as cursed and accused of being demonic because to them it is a taboo for ones husband to pass away. It is so pathetic and painful that after the demise of their husbands some of them are often times wallow in abject poverty and find it difficult to take care of themselves and their children. Due to the hardship in the country and the economic recession, many of these widows find it hard to even engaged in any meaningful economic activities because of poverty and lack of support by the government.

Many Women organizations have come up with programs to assist some of these widows, but more needs to be done, most especially by the government and particular Ministry of Women Affairs in the country.

My organization the Association of African Professional Women in the Diaspora recently did an empowerment program early this year to give some of the widows money to augment their petty trading. We aimed at 10 widows because of the limited fund we have, but about 50 of these women showed up. We were flabbergasted by the huge turnout and the level of need. However, we did our little bit to support them, through our personal contributions. We showed them love and solidarized with them by giving them hope, and promised to assist more if we have enough funds. We are really looking for support to assist these neglected part of the society that nobody pays attention to and stigmatized.

My Association will remain resolute and identify with these women and render assistance to them at all times. Some of them are highly talented that if given the little push they will be useful to their community and the world at large. So any organization that are willing to assist these neglected widows can partner with us to work together to put a smile on this abandoned population faces.

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