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The power on our hands(our phones).#this powers has transformed my life#she transform tech

I have always dreamt of  a better world for women,having gone through the bad and the worst challenges in my life.looking back at the age of  24 I was loosing my self,I had withdrawn  from anything meaningful and always found ways to blame myself .Everyone around me though I was okay  for I was faking my life just for them,depression is real,it nearly drowned me six feet under,then I realised the power was on my hands all this while,that power was my phone.

Through this tough times I would want  to use this power just to transform  the reachable women in my community for I know that in every woman their is a tiny button that when pressed their community are healed. Through their phones they can learn income generating skills from google  and YouTube. And as universe we are facing convid 19 pandemic we created a what's app group on 17/03/20 where we can share  how to keep safe,what we can do as we quarantine ,which skills to put into practice ,we even learnt to make hand sanitizers with surgical spirit and  glycerine,we even learnt how to make liquid soap ,above all I pray all these ends so that we can normalize again,so that we can complete our projects, wherever you are stay safe/maintain high standard of hygene and wash wash your hands,if you have signs and symptoms of corona virus go to a health facility and get tested,we are all in this together.

These days google and you tube have been my best of friends,I have learnt a lot of things through these apps. My greatest nightmare went away through the power of google.I had suffered from Urinary track infection for a long time,its so irritating and at one point of a woman's life she has to be infected. Many of the women I interacted with suffered silently like I did before, some have been blamed by their husband's/partners for having sexual affairs outside leading to its cause. So on 8th as we celebrated international women's day we were braking the silence by giving out cotton pants and educating these young women/mothers and girls on what urinary track infection is,causes,prevention,treatment and importance of changing their set of pants twice a year and which pants to wear. You could see the relieve on their faces having discovered its not a sexually transmitted  infection and it has treatment. You can follow our events on my facebook page amonge brenda .Am not a medic but I dream of becoming one someday, through this tiny device I overcame my nightmare.

Today I  have you world pulse sisters, technology has made the world a tiny community through platforms like world pulse,which has created safer place for all of us its upon us to use the same technology to transform women who have not healed from their past,women who want to become independent, women who have a voice but haven't discovered it,women who want education, so that we can have an equal world for us women as men, its a women for women power to transform technology.

Its Amonge from kenya.


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Girl Power
She Transforms Tech
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