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World Pulse and Pulsewire is a path that showed itself to me spontaneously through the various sources of information I receive, in the form of newsletters, blogs and journals I like to visit and read. I definitely needed to see what it’s all about and what a surprise! Just one click brings you to a completely new world: a community of enthusiastic people trying to make a difference, sharing stories, exchanging ideas, providing solutions, helping each other. I remember my thought: “If the whole world worked like this, it would be utopia”.

I’ve always been interested in human rights, even before I discovered the term. Being a quiet child, my whole childhood was about books. Raised by highly-educated parents, I grew up with the feeling of fairness and justice and the books only pulled me to this direction even more. However, it was a very painful experience facing the real world after. I still have trouble accepting unfair situations and people around me and it literally hurts me watching and being aware of abuse, violence and injustice. I wrote a lot as a child and a teenager, from poems, to dramas and short stories. My mother told me that the first thing I ever said that I wanted to be is an inventor (God knows I still laugh at this thought), but second and still prevailing aspiration for me is to be a writer so that I can express and convey my thoughts and ideas to the world. Still, working 14 hours a day in order to fund my studies and supporting my sister didn’t give me much time after high school, so I neglected it. After I graduated, I continued working, but finally had some free time for other activities and got enrolled in youth organizations, taking part in projects, international volunteering, youth exchanges, writing for magazines, mentoring younger volunteers etc.

I want to make a change, bring good, make it better and see a result. Pulsewire brings a great vision and Voices of Our Future is one step closer to achieving it! My aspiration is to write about the problems in my country, Macedonia, and the wider Balkan region, and try to find resources and enthusiastic people to join me in organizing local activities. One of the things that worry me a lot is how the society rejects homosexuality. These people are not recognized by anyone and have to lead double lives. Domestic violence is present, pedophilia is spread in the rural areas especially, disabled people don’t have sufficient rights, women started to get liberated, but there is lot more to be done. Reading the journals and personal stories at Pulsewire I know that compared to some countries, mine may seem like bliss and I sympathize with all these people facing so many difficulties in life. However, I think a lot more should be done in Macedonia and I am giving myself to creating a change by amplifying my voice and serving as an ambassador of the Balkans.

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