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The Rose Balloon

I was on the balcony of this apartment earlier and thinking of what I would write about next in my journal. There are so many ideas and things I want to talk about that it is hard sometimes to figure out what to write next.

I wanted to write one about \"The Cardboard People\" and was thinking of how to put it and wondering if it was a good idea when I noticed something colorful just over the wood fence between our apartment buildings. At first I thought it was a sort of kite in the shape of those hot air balloon airplanes and thought what a strange shape for a kite and wondered how they got it to keep going up like that.

We had just watched \"The Red Balloon\" the day before so a balloon following someone was also in my mind. I realized it was a balloon and not a kite as it glided over the fence and did a cute sort of dance toward me. I went to our door and called the girls to come out quickly. It turned and I saw it was a rose balloon and had to smile.

I love roses and want to breed cold hardy ones for those living up here in Alaska. When we had our house I bought a lot of roses and just really love them. So seeing this rose balloon dancing toward me felt like a sign from the Goddess. I told the girls (2 were in the living room and got to the balcony door quicker then the other 2) that and both asked if I had asked to see a rose or something. I said no, I was just thinking of my journal and wondering if I should write this one article or not. I was teasing one to jump over our balcony rail and catch it for me and the balloon suddenly curved and went between the buildings.

The youngest who had been in her room came out just as it disappeared between the 2 buildings of our parking area. She dashed to the back bedroom to see if she could see it. It had landed in the street in the row of houses behind our building. She wanted to go run and get it for me but I said to let it go.

But the girls said to take it as a \"yes\" from the Goddess about writing my true thoughts down to share with others. It made me curious how others respond to these sort of signs so decided to post and see what others think about it.


Northern America
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