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My journey to the world pulse is one I would call "the safest ride" I have ever embarked on. I got to this point through a senior colleague who hopefully saw in me a passion for women's empowerment in my community.
I joined World Vision Sierra Leone (WVSL) On the 25th January 2011, as a graduate trainee on attachment to the communications department. World Vision is an international humanitarian organisation which works with underprivileged children, their families and communities.
On the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th July 2011, WVSL's gender relations program organised a gender workshop for faith leaders and their spouses. this workshop was aimed at addressing the issue of sexuality from God's own point of view. As a trainee, I was asked by the communications manager to cover this workshop and later give a comprehensive report on it.
I turned out to be not only a "journalist" covering the workshop, but also a participant and major contributor because of the salient contributions I made during the presentations.
After this workshop, the West African Regional Advisor for gender of World Vision International, Faustina Boakye (a Ghanaian), who happened to be one of the international facilitators of the workshop, told me about this forum. she encouraged me to join as she believes it is a medium I could use to air out my views on women's empowerment and also be a part of the citizen journalism training which might be a boost to what I am presently going through with the organisation.
I then joined World Pulse on the 21st July 2011.
personally, I've mustered this vision of changing the world to a better place by positively influencing the lives of the children in it. and I have always believed that the shortest way to a child's future is through the mother's heart. I BELIEVE MY RIDE TO THE WORLD PULSE IS THE SAFEST RIDE TOWARDS ACHIEVING MY VISION.

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