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Technology is essential to give voice to those who have lost their inner song and the ability to speak from their soul and their truth, The power of world pulse is to join us together to understand the importance of woman being heard and being themselves and for men and women and other living beings to be respected.. We also need to not lose sight of the basically important things like shareing the magic of the planet and the moon.
What can we be certain of today? I have been focusing on the meaning and symbol of the moon not because I wanted to necessarily, but many synchronicities in the last few days have made me conscious of its reliability in my life. I know the meaning of the moon symbol through Native American thinking as protector and guardian of the Earth. As I walked my dog tonight, I felt that the moon was my guardian. I walked a few blocks to the beach as its presence got closer and closer. It was huge. I had just written to my beau, who was getting on a plane from Germany, the words that Frank Sinatra sang, "Fly me to the moon and let me sing forever more...." because I noticed the moon's beauty out the window and asked my beau to look out on his journey at the same moon we all share.
"I see the moon and the moon sees me and the moon sees somebody I long to see. God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the somebody I long to see." These lyrics got me thinking of all the people I love in many places on Earth. If we could look at the moon at the same time it would be our symbol of connection. My daughter and I have an imaginary planet and, as a child, she would say, "I will meet you on a wish by heart at night in our dreams." When she was at camp or far away, we would suggest looking at the moon at the same time before bed. We can do this with the moon, for we all share its presence wherever we are.
I sing, "I see the moon and the moon sees me" as I walk in rhythm with my dog to the beach. I can't help but hear that song in my head. On the beach I saw the magical sky of the giant full moon shining on the water reflecting a road to me. To my right, a bonfire of folks, to my left a carnival in the distance.. All these people at some point were seeing the moon as I was in that moment and my dog faced in that direction as well, seeming to take it in.
In the yoga classes I teach, we call it "the moon cycle" for women who need to do different poses if it is that time of the month. The moon influences the water within us and the water all over the planet. A California healer I trained with many lifetimes ago, Uta, would call it a "moon wobble" when the moon was responsible for certain odd happenings to us and the Earth. We often blame a full moon for making funny things happen and use its cycles to explain the unexplainable. For example, my high school beau sent me the Water Boys song Whole of the Moon -- "I was the crescent and you were the whole of the moon" as if that would explain his behavior. Twenty years later, he sent it to me again and it made more sense. The image and song remain with me.
When I awaken this morning I am thinking about the beauty I experienced the night before and wonder if a woman I call my LA Mom, who is very ill, saw that moon from her bed as I prayed for her, and somehow though I can not get to her today, I can share that with her. We can all share the simple things that are right in front of all of us. Maybe not at the same time, but in the same day. I realize the symbol is all around me. The first thing I see when I wake up is a sign above my dresser that says, "Dance by the light of the moon." To the left of that is a painting of a man in a canoe with a huge full moon and next to that a full moon over a cabin in paradis. One of the songs I've written includes the words, "Used to you like the moon".
We become too familiar with the things and people that are always there and do not look in gratitude and reverence often enough. The moon these last few days has caused me to appreciate the certainty of its presence in a world where too much changes and leaves."God Bless the Moon and God Bless Me".

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