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Web 2.0 is an interesting base and foundation for growth and development in many ways. As a tool and a voice for women, it acts as a platform in which various issues may be discussed and addressed. This makes the whole experience exciting and I look forward to learning, exploring and sharing more as well as connecting with fellow women around the world. Its practicality is amazing since it allows for a two way communication and thus builds relations and paves way for interactions which may be productive in the long run.
In my opinion, web 2.0 is great way of empowering women. By the simple fact that women are able to freely speak for themselves and voice out their issues and situations surrounding them, they are equipped and empowered. It is a source of knowledge and enlightenment of what is happening around the world and also an informative way of helping women know their rights and what is available to them. By linking women of different backgrounds and experiences, there is a form of change and positive cohesion that takes place. First, the aspect of unity is created and enhanced, which is positive for global transformation and unity. Secondly, change occurs because, by giving the women a platform to express themselves and be heard, they feel appreciated and strengthened. There is a proverb that states that one’s problem is half solved by simply talking about it. I believe web 2.0 is an integral tool that will enable such solutions and empowerment to be achieved.
Through web 2.0, various women issues are addressed and discussed and various personalities and wisdom is transferred as well. This is a major step as it creates a broader sense and knowledge of what goes on around the world. It is a great way of connecting women and enabling them to come together to find solutions as well as team up in projects and skills that they may be best at and thus ultimately address these issues ad transform lives. Education is the best gift to any person and I believe that this is what Web 2.0 actively enhances.
Web 2.0 is a source of inspiration to me. It is also a great way for socializing and growth for me. It is transforming to know that there are many women out there who courageously walk this journey of life with numerous situations surrounding them. This is inspiring and is also a great source of motivation for me. The knowledge of the fact that there are ladies out there who are willing to stand and be a part of positive change and transformation encourages me to be a voice in my own world and to seek out to be more diligent and determined in my world. I look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas and experiences with fellow women and be a part of the team and network that works together and stands for women’s rights and values.

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