The voice of women in combating climate change

My story stems from the recent Africa climate summit held in Nairobi, Kenya. I was saddened by how women were sidelined in the discussions. They were absent in rooms where the big boys were discussing serious matters about climate change and making major commitments. Women were busy in the side events just reinforcing status quo that continues to alienate women from the decision making table, yet they bare the biggest brunt of climate change.Women need to be seen, women need to be heard. Their opinion matters, they should demand for presence in the right spaces where it matters.

When women are not present, their needs are not addressed because nobody understands their plight better than them. Bold women need to come forth and speak with a resounding voice because the world needs to listen. Smoke from firewood, drought and the subsequent insecurity,lack of water, displacement due to floods, among other issues that result from climate change disproportionately affect women.

They therefore need to call the world to action and be at thé fore front in championing for initiatives to combat climate change.

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Climate Change
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