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The World Is Listening to Weeping Women!!!

It's been a while since I have posted anything. I have been keeping my ears and eyes open as I watch how the world is responding to Nigerian mothers. And now in Hollywood celebrities are standing up to the Sultan of Brunei. The world is listening to the open wails and cries of weeping women! I wrote this a while back. At first it was for my sisters in Nigeria, but I see now, it is for my sisters, daughters, mothers, and friends world wide!

Weeping Women

There is something about a woman's tears. A crying woman will cause the strongest man to pause and turn his attention to the woman who is in distress so he can comfort or rescue her. A crying woman will cause another woman to stop and sit with her to talk it out, so she can find comfort to ease her pain. But when a group of women gather to wail, and moan from the depths of their souls, then nations stop to listen, and mobilize to action. When weeping women, wailing women, mourning women gather... their voices, their laments are heard by all.

It is the laments of women that causes God to move. It's our tears of anguish laced with hope and faith that pierce the very heart of God, to feel the weight of our plea. And it is God who moves people into action once God releases the burden of his heart to other persons in the community and the global world at large. Women are not selfish with their tears. Our tears are the prayers that come from the inner chamber of her hearts and souls. God responds to our prayers. This is why the prophet Jeremiah called for the mourning women. The women who were unashamed to openly grieve, and heap ashes upon their heads. Jeremiah knew that the mourning women, know how to cry from the depths of their souls that could stop nations. Everyone is sensitive to the cries of a woman. Even children stop playing when they hear the cries of their mother, because they know that when mama is upset, the house is upset. There is no peace in the home unless mama has peace in heart.
Weeping and wailing women soften the hearts of humanity. I pray we never lose courage to openly lament before the God of our understanding and let the Creator of all move the hearts of those who have a burden for, resources for, to see the world become a better place.

My dear sisters please let us all continue to weep for our communities, loved ones and ourselves, as we gather to make changes throughout the world. Our tears are our prayers. If your tears could speak, what would they say?

Northern America
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