Time Management

Time is the inevitable progression into the 'future' with the passing of 'present' and past events (English Dictionary). It is therefore the perpetual series of events that occurs in succession from the past, present and future. This implies that it is a natural non-stop clock that leads to those moments yet to be experienced.

It's no news that everyone under the sun has an equal time of 24hours per day, each passing day leads to week, weeks to month, months to year and so...... it is a non stop cycle that takes all in to the future. Making good use of your time cannot be overemphasised.

"Times and tide wait for no one" as teenagers, young men and women alike proper time management skills will help keep track with personal, academic, professional or any other goal.

Time Management can be defined as the proper planning and use of past events and the present to achieve the future or a goal. It can simply be said to be the judicious use of means to accomplish an end.

How do you manage your time?

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