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Today ...


Right now, tears are unceasingly falling down my eyes.

Gone…, for a moment I stared blankly at my inbox. No more … but what did I expect? And then sadness crept over my whole being as I resign to the fact that my amazing journey was over. For the first time since six months ago I could not find those familiar and exciting emails I’ve been so eager to read and respond to - from World Pulse, Rachael, Scott, Anna (my editorial midwife), Ruth (my mentor), and from my awe-inspiring fellow 2010 Voices of the Future correspondents as well as from the amazing Pulsewire community .

From now on there will be no more midnight and unholy hour trips to cybercafés, no more group calls, no more deadlines, no more researches, no more writing assignments for me. I realize I was not quite prepared to stop, simply because there is no way to stop now.

And I smile despite my tears because …

Today, when I think of Zimbabwe it’s not just the grandeur of Victoria Falls that makes me long to be there … but because I have a Zimbabwean sister, Fungai, whose soulful poetry I adore …

Today, when I think of Cambodia I will no longer flinch on the gory memories of Pol Pot, but rather smile with fondness of the ever amiable Sarvina whose friendship I have cherished even before we made it to the 2010 VOF training.

Today, distant and strange nations have beautiful synonyms in my heart - Amani for Kenya; Amei for Maldives; Bounce and Fungai for Zimbabwe; Farona for Saudi Arabia; Harmony for Ivory Coast; Laura for Liberia; Shekina and SAsong for Cameroon, Ruun for Somalia; Marvah and Mursal for Afghanistan; Martha for Colombia; Najwa for Morocco; Ni Ni and Insha for Burma; Nilima for Nepal; Rose for Pakistan; Rudzanimbilu for South Africa; Sahar for Yemen; Sapnashahani for India; Sarvina for Cambodia; Slaw, Emilia and Vivian for Nigeria; Thais for Brazil; Warona for Botswania; Beatrice for Uganda; and Taina, Anna, Ruth, Rachael, Cristi, Scott, William, and many more in the USA. Wow, isn’t that real amazing? I can actually name names of loving sisters all across the globe!

Today I plunge headlong into the tall order of reclaiming our birthright – woman power.

Today I merge into a stream of nameless and faceless women from all across the globe as we journey to where we are meant to be.

Today I'm immersed into the beautiful bonding of sisters holding half the sky, reaching out to the other half and touching hearts of stone.

Today I have grown into the global womanhood, working and fighting for a better world and a more compassionate humanity, through beauty, inspiration, courage and love.

Today, my voice will rise louder and clearer as I sing my song in harmony with the other half of humanity.

Today I am one with every woman on earth – because in each of us is all of us.

And so today, we will stay grounded in fierce bonding as we serve as an oasis for those of our sisters who are still stranded and groping in the desert of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness and voicelessness.

Today, we will walk tall with the faith and conviction that more and more women will walk the paths we pave…

Today is a tougher journey … and we are on our way, steadfast, unstoppable, unrelenting…

We are the voices of the future … and we will prevail, today, everyday, and all the days to come.

We, the women of today, are claiming our tomorrow, for whatever it takes, for all it is worth.

Today ...

South and Central Asia
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