Top 5 skills wen you suppose get for 2024

Ibeg no carry last o. If you no get these skills when I wan list👇 then 2024 na the best time to acquire dem.

🎯The first skill na loyalty. Na one of the hottest wen you fit get .No sector wen employers no dey use torchlight dey search for am. If you dey do wetin go fall your oga hand ibeg stop .If you be the kain person when only your mata dey dey important for your eye, no matter wetin you achieve (if you like climb Kilimanjaro) your mind go remain for potto potto.

🎯Hard work na skill number two. Forget those yarnings when dem go say you nid to work smart and not to work hard. Na lie. The truth be say you no fit work smart if you neva begin to work hard . You must understand system reach ground before you go fit become master for inside

🎯The third skill na focus. This one hard eh because so many mata go dey ground especially when you get assignment to do. Na dat time e go be like say something wen better pass don land. No fall mugu. The ability to bone naim go make you persin when solid like Zuma rock.

🎯Fourth skill na goodwill. Bad belle no be am o. No let body dey pepper you. The more you wish others well eh, the more your mind go sweet like Mr Biggs meatpie and when your mind sweet your brain go sharp. Beta ideas go dey flow left, right and centre.

🎯The last ogbonge skill na wetin oyibo dey call contentment . Dat skill eh go make you oga of your emotions. E go make you no dey borrow money before month end😉. You go fit pass Iya Basirat sweet stew. Fit bone that asoebi wen dem bring come your office . You no go dey pursue dat ting when dey reign today and begin dey chase another one tomorrow like pikin wen dey run after blow blow for party.

With these five skills your life go everly make sense not just for 2024 but for many more years to come.

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